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    Promotional SMS

    Promotional SMS is a form of mobile marketing where a Text SMS is sent to thousands of numbers which includes promotional content about the products/ services features.

    Main Features

    •      Be it One-to-many or One-to-one, send bulk SMS in one go. Ability to upload files of various formats      like .txt, .csv& .xls

    •      Set schedule delivery on some future date & time

    •      Group your contacts on specific criteria to do focused messaging

    •      Create templates for repetitive messaging

    •      Check status of any campaign and access various reports for analysis

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    Transactional SMS

    We strongly discourage spamming and bring this solution only for GENUINE Businesses which use SMS services as an integral part of their operations for sending transactional messages.
    contain text which communicates details about a transaction, service, product, offer, that which has been solicited by a USER/Customer.
    These SMS go from a unique 6 alpha character sender ID, e.g - TM-EXOTEL
    Example of a Transactional SMS - "Thanks for ordering your phone number via Exotel, for any further details call us on +91- 9090965737"

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    We offer three main services for developers looking to easily integrate SMS/text messages into their applications and web sites. They are listed here from simplest to most advanced, with more information on each below.

      How it works :

    •      Users send a text message to 41411 starting with your keyword.

    •      TextMarks servers make an HTTP request to any callback URL you define.

    •      Your custom script runs on your own server and generates a response.

    •      The response is sent back to requesting user as a text message.

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    SMS Short codes are 5 digit numbers, to which mobile users can send text messages, regardless of their telecom service provider and get the desired response in the matter of seconds. They are easier to remember, handy and integrated across all telecom operators to provide a seamless short code service experience to all the users across India.

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    Voice SMS

    Bulk Voice SMS is widely used for Lead generation, Event Notifications, Political Campaign Promotions, Voter Registration, Vote Reminders, Fund Raising, Service Reminders, Product Promotions, Announcements, Give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium, Event Notification , Marketing Products & Services, Meeting alerts, Wake Up Calls, Stock Alerts, Medicine Reminders etc.

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