We offer three main services for developers looking to easily integrate SMS/text messages into their applications and web sites. They are listed here from simplest to most advanced, with more information on each below.

      How it works :

    •      Users send a text message to 41411 starting with your keyword.
    •      TextMarks servers make an HTTP request to any callback URL you define.
    •      Your custom script runs on your own server and generates a response.
    •      The response is sent back to requesting user as a text message.

    Recommended programming experience

    Anybody with basic web programming experience should be able to execute this type of integration.

    Additional notes

    Once a user engages with your keyword, they don't necessarily have to keep sending the keyword with each request. You can provide multiple choice questions or other interactions by telling the user e.g. "Rply A for cookies. Rply B for pizza." and the user need only reply with "A" or "B". Text STATEINFO to 41411 for an example of how simple and powerful this contextual response feature is.





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